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Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing System

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas pipeline integrity threats such as illegal bunkering, crude theft, sabotage bring about financial, and environmental risks. FOTAS is harnessed for continuous, real-time downhole monitoring to optimize the operational and economic performance of the assets in the oil & gas vertical

Safety & Security

Surging Need for Protection of Critical Infrastructures and Borders is increasing. FOTAS provides real-time monitoring of assets on fence, buried, or hybrid. Owing to its AI unit, it can detect, classify and locate threats such as manual and mechanical digging, vehicle movement etc.


Monitoring traffic on highways, and railways including simply detecting whether traffic is moving, and deducing the speed of vehicles, and incident detection is very critical. FOTAS is immune to variations in weather, temperature or ambient light and it provides real-time and accurate traffic monitoring information.

Power & Utility

Overseeing both transmission and distribution power & utility infrastructure is critical for theft detection and prevention of cables and structural elements, as well as anti-tampering and sabotage. FOTAS listens to power & utility infrastructure against intrusion prevention, tampering of overhead lines, and cable movement.

FOTAS is an optoelectronic system with artificial intelligence that is used to measure acoustic parameters along the length of the optical fiber. It helps in the generation and classification of a continuous profile of acoustics along the entire length of the fiber. It provides critical data in various applications for data-based analysis and serve as a cost-effective option for monitoring physical parameter sensing at multiple points in difficult operating conditions. It is immune to electromagnetic interference and enables the high accuracy of detection over long distances as well as reliability while working in challenging environments.