IP-PDU (Internet Protocol P Power Distribution Unit) is a specialized piece of equipment designed to manage and distribute electrical power to the various devices and equipment within a data center. It is often used to improve the efficiency, reliability, and management of power distribution in a data center environment.

IP-PDU play a critical role in maintaining the uptime and efficiency of modern data centers by providing visibility into power usage and enabling proactive management of power-related issues. They are key component of overall data center infrastructure management.

IP-PDU as follows; remote monitoring, real-time data, outlet-level control, alerts & notifications, energy efficiency, load balancing, historical data & reporting, security, environmental monitoring, integration with data center management software, remote power cycling, rack-level and device-level management, predictive maintenance.

In summary, IP-PDU is a critical component that enhances power management and monitoring capabilities, helping organizations improve energy efficiency, reduce downtime, and maintain the reliability of their IT infrastructure.



High resolution LCD display: 2.8” FTF color LCD with high resolution displays shows clear and rich information of PDU data and configuration.

Billing grade accuracy: Accurate power metering capability which meets IEC and GB accuracy standard and provides reliable data to Data Center managers for billing reference.

Comprehensive rack environment monitoring: 2x T/H sensor, 1x door contact sensor, 1x smoke sensor, 1x water logging sensor and 1x dry contact sensor supported as default.

Daisy-Chain: This enables multiple CANOVATE IP-PDUs to share one IP address to save network resources (up to 10 x CANOVATE IP-PDUs).

Individual outlet control: Remote outlet on/off switching function provides possibility to turn off individual outlets in extreme over-load or short- circuit condition; users can also schedule the on/off time of individual outlets for special use cases.

Enhanced cyber security: CANOVATE IP-PDU supports multiple communication protocols in secured connection and latest version to prevent its system from cyber attack.

Compact body design: Slim chassis and low profile magnetic circuit breaker save valuable space in the rack.

Breaker status monitoring: CANOVATE IP-PDU provides real-time status monitor-ing and alarming of circuit breakers at bank level.

Cable retention: CANOVATE IP-PDU’s patented socket retention mechanism can effectively prevent downtime caused by accidental cable fallout.

Upgradable & hot-swap controller: The Controller can be replaced or upgraded without shutting down the power to the rack.breakers at bank level.

Upgradable & scalable output modules: Output socket combinations, outlet quantities can be changed and module functionality can be upgraded live in field.

High-density power distribution: CANOVATE IP-PDU supports up to 42 IEC outlets in an outlet monitored and switched version which is top of the industry.


Where remote monitoring and access is required in data centers, Industry 4.0, and Internet-of-Things-related applications, including:

  • Telecom
  • Hosting & Colocation
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Power, oil & gas, and other utilities
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • E-government
  • Rescue, police, and military operations