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Certified installers can offer a Datwyler warranty for the installed copper and fibre optic cabling systems: normally for 25 years, but this can be extended depending on project criteria.
An acceptance test for each link documents that all required electrical or optical values are maintained. Cabling solutions from Datwyler consistently perform beyond the standards,
guaranteeing excess headroom for future application support.

Even the best matched systems can only show their optimal potential when the installation is optimised. With the increased technical demands of class EA, class F and class FA links, for example, the demands on the installer are constantly growing.

We train network installers in the Datwyler system solutions in order to be able to guarantee an optimal quality of installation. Our seminars provide participants with the knowledge of the right application for products, combinations and dependencies of different parameters in the cabling system, and the resulting high quality of installation in copper and fibre optic networking.