IN-ROW Cooling

Data centers are complex environments where high-density processing power and servers operate. Therefore, temperature and humidity control in data center infrastructure is critically important for business continuity and hardware security. Cooling systems manage the temperature and humidity levels in data centers, ensuring that devices operate at optimal performance.

IN-ROW Cooling precision-controlled air conditioners designed for cooling solution to Inrow data centers, providing active cooling for applications with high heat load per cabin, and can adjust their capacity according to the cooling need with inverter technology.



  • It provides 10kW, 16kW, 32kW and 52kW cooling capacity in 42U,
  • 42U or 47U 300×1000 or 300×1200 cabinets
  • User-friendly 7” color touch screen with graphic display as an option,
  • Up to 8 teamwork,
  • Co-aging feature,
  • It provides maximum efficiency by making Capacity
  • Control with inverter drive technology.
  • High efficiency at full and part load,
  • Optional temperature and humidity control,
  • Preventing low blowing temperature in the dehumidification process with the optional 3-stage 3kW,
  • 6kW and 9kW electric heater support,
  • Maximum energy efficiency (EER>3),
  • It has been specially developed for cold and hot aisle closureapplications.
  • No raised floor required.
  • Variable speed fans with hot-swappable EC technology,
  • Optionally, copper pipe connection possibility from the top or the bottom,
  • Option to work according to temperature or pressure difference,
  • Consumption calculation with energy analyzer option,
  • While remote control support is provided with Modbus RTU in standard products, remote control is offered as an option with Web Interface, SNMP, Modbus TCP/IP, Bacnet,
  • SMTP, NTP support.