Micro Data Center Solutions

Benefits of Canovate Micro Data Center

Accelerated Deployment: Deploy turnkey rack-level infrastructure in max. 1 hour time.
Lower CAPEX: Significantly lower initial investment and construction cost compared to classical Data Centers.
Increased Energy Efficiency: Dramatically lower your cooling and power OPEX costs
Customizable: Can be customized easily according to your cooling and power requirements.
Significant Energy Savings: You don’t need to cool the entire IT room, just cool the Micro DC. Green IT.
Modular: Additional Micro DC units can be added according to the growth of your IT requirements. Pay-As-You-Grow!
Portable: Micro DC can be installed on wheels making it easy for it to be moved to different locations.
Security: Keeps mission critical data in a secure environment, increases data and hardware protection and guarantees 24/7 business continuity via integrated fire suppression and EMS systems
Facility Maintenance: The ability to minimize IT infrastructure maintenance to lower overall Data Center maintenance labor costs. Limited Operation Risk: The complete system is coming as factory tested and ready to install. Plug and Play.
Standardization: Same standard solution in all your branch offices limits risks of human failure and lowers operating & maintenance costs.
No need for skilled IT personnel: You don’t need to maintain IT personal in every location, hundreds of Micro DC’s can be controlled remotely from your Head Quarters.
Affordable by Small Businesses: You don’t need to worry for a complex DC design and installation work.